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Charter/Purpose,, and Cape Ann Cams under The Rockport Driftwood Company are informational sources or outlets created to supply information about the area known as Cape Ann, Massachusetts. All of the Cape Ann "family" of informational services were created to enhance the online presence of Cape Ann, Massachusetts and allow alternative resources to those wishing to learn more about Cape Ann, its history, its weather and offerings. Cape Ann is not intended to replace or interfere with any other official websites promoting the area such as, but not inclusive of the local Chambers of Commerce. Cape Ann does not host, link to nor support bulletin boards or forums which allow users to demean, criticize or undermine the fabric of the community, its economics, its history or its residents. Cape Ann monitors official local information in order to supply users with accurate links but is not responsible for inaccurate information reproduced from these sites or third party links supplied by third party sites found through the Cape Ann family.

Terms of Use
The content provided on these pages is intended for your personal, non-commercial use. These services (and the content and information included therein) are protected by copyright pursuant to United States laws and international laws and are owned or licensed by Cape Ann or the third-party entities linked to from these pages. You shall abide by all copyright notices, information, or restrictions contained in any content or information accessed through Cape Ann and be solely responsible for knowledge of and compliance to, any third parties "Terms of Use" as posted. Cape Ann is not responsible for providing "Terms of Use" for third-party links or sites.

Copyright Notice
Contents of these not-for-profit web sites, including text, graphics, buttons, photographic images OR legal creative graphic renderings of third party photographs or content, are the property of Cape Ann and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and by international copyright laws. The design and content elements of these sites are the exclusive property of Cape Ann, Cape Ann, Rockport, and The Rockport Driftwood Company and as such are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and by international copyright laws.

Links to third-party sites
Cape Ann and affiliated sites contain many links to third-party web sites. These linked sites are not under the control of Cape Ann therefore, Cape Ann is not responsible for the contents or activities of any linked site or any further link contained within said third-party linked sites. Cape Ann does not make any warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the quality, availability or the content of any such third-party site. Cape Ann reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to withdraw any posted link which it deems lewd, obscene or offensive to the public and/or does not serve an informational purpose within the guidelines and spirit of this charter. Any non-conforming third-party link brought to our attention will be removed immediately.

Cape Ann Weather Disclaimer
Cape Ann is not partnered or associated with the National Weather Service (NWS), NOAA, FEMA, TPC, CPC or any other government or official weather reporting and/or forecasting service. Cape Ann makes no claim to be an official weather source nor should it be relied on to supply official weather information. The Cape Ann Weather short term forecast is a third party link, thus Cape Ann is not responsible for personal injury or property damage incurred by the user dependency of these products for accuracy. Cape Ann provides 3rd party links to many official sites as its basis of service.

Most graphics found on Cape Ann are created by and/or from material owned by Cape Ann Storm and wave images on Cape Ann are solely the property of Cape Ann with the exception of the graphics rendered from web cams in the public domain such as Mt. or the Sandy Bay Yacht Club. All photographical images on the Rockport 'image' page are the exclusive property of Cape Ann Trademarked logo's for sports teams, transportation outlets or other 3rd party organizations are not the property of Cape Ann nor does Cape Ann lay claim to their creation or ownership. In most cases, such graphics are used to promote the sites where they originated in exchange for their use or to promote public awareness or provide information parallel to the owners of said logo's.

Information linked from sports pages such as Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots is 3rd party and not the responsibility of Cape Ann No content is knowingly extracted from 3rd party sites and used without permission. Articles linked from these pages are located at original sources at the time of use and contain all appropriate advertising and ownership information. Images extracted are given proper credit when available from the source.

Contact and Advertising Information
Use of custom graphics, original photographs or creative textual content on Cape Ann is prohibited without expressed emailed and/or written permission. To inquire about the use of material, advertising, site traffic related to advertising, website design services or graphic services, please email

Advertising charges on Cape Ann are for the sole purpose of maintaining the availability of this site and its affiliated sites due to the increasing traffic and bandwidth associated with it. As this sites traffic increases as a destination for visitors and residents due its expansion, popularity and improvements, costs will inevitably increase. Cape Ann is not responsible for lack of availability of the advertising links or graphics due to acts of god, power interruptions or third party site availability.

Traffic Information
Traffic data and relative information can be provided for any advertising entity or prospective advertiser upon request. Traffic data is provided via StatCounter. Traffic for Cape Ann has increased through aggressive search inclusion (SEO) and basic geographical popularity.


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